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Youth Feed Foundation


Youth Feed Foundation is a non profit organsation that strives to achieve the sustainable end of hunger in India along with the upliftment of impoverished & marginalised  people, and ensure that they have a healthy, dignified, self-reliant life in harmony with one another and nature.

Further it intends to undertake all/any charitable activities that advance the interest of the poor, underprivileged or disadvantaged, including providing food, medical assistance, clothing, shelter, and/or employment (or any other means of livelihood).

It is our endeavor to ensure children, who are the future of India, are protected and provided with access to food, education, shelter, and healthcare.

In this regard, we propose to advance literacy and general education, both formal and non-formal, to the underprivileged and disadvantaged among the public.  

We hope to create sustainable jobs & employment opportunities for the upliftment of society at large.

To enable this we will raise funds through donations and/or by organising various campaigns, events, seminars, and programmes and use the funds collected for the said causes only.

We intend to work to provide services and products that will improve the health status of the individual and the community and further initiate and promote health care, community development, and women empowerment.​ We further wish to provide information, education, products, and services that will improve public health.

We will organise discussions, seminars, and conferences to further our aims and objectives. 

We are open to accepting donations, grants, presents, gifts, and other offerings in the shape of movable and/or immovable properties for achieving the above mentioned aims & objectives.

Additionally, we hope to promote the arts of music, drama, fine arts, literature, and culture in general and hope to publish books, journals, and other literature, which are relevant to the public. We shall co-operate and collaborate with institutions and associations.

To us Youth Feed India is not just an organisation, it is a youth movement to make India a better place with meaningful & dedicated work.

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